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Situation study: “Why do teenagers choose to reside in environmental areas and how does this choice impact their individual development?”. (Tomasz Lubotzki)

1. Background
The analysis provided here is aspect of a bigger analysis on the subject of alternative environmental areas, which was carried out in the summer 2010 by Dagna Gmitrowicz and me. The concept of the analysis was to check out eight different areas in Malaysia and The country and to gather information about their performing. The main objective was  to look on the growth of the group as such, it’s framework, characteristics and to acknowledge what is the benefit  for the public and self improvement of the associates and neighborhood. The inspiration for this analysis came from the previous concept of teenagers from Belgium, which was to create in the future an own environmental group.

2. Question
The analysis is trying to answer the query “Why do teenagers choose to reside in environmental areas and how does this choice  impact their further individual development?”.  This research is in accordance with the evaluation of two environmental communities:  ZEGG “Zentrum fuer Experimentelle Gesellschaftgestalltung” (Germany) and “Le farme de Vevy Weron” (Belgium).
The analysis tries to analyze the inspiration of teenagers, between 25 and 35, making their choice to move to an environmental group and to look how does this choice impact their further growth, in the individual and public sizing.

The resources of facts used to style the analysis were:
1.Discussions made with member of the group, some more open and some organized around tangible questions;
2.Direct findings during the check out of the group, also documented ;
3.Participative statement while participating in actions (workshops, meals, public activities) provided during our stay in the community;
4.Examining records and components designed and released by the areas, like web-pages, guides, updates, programs of actions.

4. Situation 1 – “ZEGG "Centre for Trial Lifestyle Design" (Belzig Germany)
ZEGG is an deliberate group and an worldwide conference point, creating and applying practical models for a culturally and environmentally maintainable way of residing. It is located south-west of Germany and its full In german name converts as the "Centre for Trial Lifestyle Design". Since ZEGG's beginning in 1991, it has developed into a vibrant and different public center and well-known social networking hub for areas, involved scientists and other scientists, and serenity activists.
With 93 children and grownups now residing there, ZEGG has gone through many changes – from its origins as a relatively homogeneous innovator group through to modern group weaved together from a variety of projects, emotionally and politically active groups, businesses, performers and innovative governmental thinkers.

During the year there are regular conventions, workshops and celebrations providing the chance to straight experience ZEGG's actual ideas as a different way of residing. The group is organized into fairly separate working areas: the kitchen, conference organization, kid's house, garden and website team. ZEGG is funded mainly by the income from the conference and conference organization and leases paid by citizens and the businesses which are in accordance with the website. Community associates are economically separate of each other – some run businesses here, some are independent and others are workers. There is a significant element of distributed economic system consists of the common perform conducted as associates of the authorized organization ZEGG GmbH. This limited organization is the body accountable for the conference and conference organization and also the owner of the whole website.

Ecological analysis has been an critical facet, like the use maintainable development components and reuse everything they can. Their environmental perform is in accordance with the concepts of permaculture: a planning system for maintainable residing and land use. more http://casestudyhub.com 

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